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Nyagatare: Residents urged to opt for energy saving stoves


Rwimiyaga sector administration in Nyagatare district has urged residents to start using Cana rumwe (energy saving charcoal stoves) in conservation of environment.

The move is aimed at reducing deforestation and to resolve lack of firewood by residents in Gatebe village.

Some residents in Gatebe village complain that getting firewood is difficult since the sector administration does not allow them cut the trees.

One resident, Jean Damascene Habimana says that despite lack of firewood, residents understand importance of trees and protecting the environment.

However, Habimana like other residents wishes that Rwimiyaga sector administration grant them permission to cut down trees that have dried and use them in cooking.

To resolve the issue, Rwimiyaga sector administration plans to apply intense sensitization on this method of cooking.

Joseph Ndayisenga, in charge of environment conservation in Rwimiyaga sector asserts that the sector will work with cooperatives so that energy saving charcoal stoves are distributed throughout the sector.

One of forests in the area is Nyarupfubire forest and the district plans to plant more trees on 778 hectares. Meanwhile, there are other trees being planted alongside roads in Rwimiyaga sector.



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