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Ngoma: Energy serving cooking stoves to help in environmental conservation program


Some residents have started using biogas

A new model of energy saving cooking stove has been introduced in Ngoma District where development partners have already built such stoves for 20homes.

The District administration in association with Electricity Water and Sanitation Authority (EWSA) and development partners built energy saving cooking stoves emphasizing on ‘cana rumwe’ (use one firewood)

Cana rumwe (use one firewood) energy saving cooking stove in its construction

Cana rumwe (use one firewood) energy saving cooking stove in its construction

The move is aimed at protecting the environment by conserving natural forests and preventing air pollution.

Timothy Kayumba, EWSA National coordinator of biogas operations said that the energy serving cooker is inexpensive and it reduces firewood usage by 40 percent.

“If a resident spends Rwf10000 on firewood monthly, it’s no loss to have biogas which costs Rwf300, 000 but lasts for up to 30 years. The same applies to energy saving cooking stove that costs Rwf2500,” Mr. Kayumba said

The stoves are cheaper compared to biogas but both serve among environmental conservation methods.

For a resident to use biogas he or she needs RwfRwf300, 000 while new model stove cost Rwf2500.

The vice mayor for economic affairs in Ngoma district George Mupenzi asked residents to opt for the new model stoves or biogas each at least before the end of may 2014.

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