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Gisagara: Residents acquire cooking stoves skills

Making of the Cooking stoves

Making of the Cooking stoves

Sustaining Rwanda Youth Organization project is training residents on making cooking stoves that reduce firewood usage by 60 percent; the training is being done in association with ‘Ibyizabirimbere Co-operative’

The training intends to help in protecting the environment by reducing on cutting down trees for firewood.

Sustaining Rwanda Youth Organization project was started by National University of Rwanda (NUR), now University of Rwanda – Huye campus students with a purpose of protecting the environment.

Stdents students believe that climate changes are caused by destroying the environment which in turn affects human life.

Sustaining Rwanda Youth Organization” project makes cooking stoves with single outlet.

The project trains residents to make the cooking stoves in order to cut on the cooking costs and conserve the environment.

Hussein Harerimana, project manager of Sustaining Rwanda Youth Organization says that such stoves reduce on the smoke and preventing dirt from building up in the kitchen.

 “It does not only reduce firewood costs but protects the environment and saves human life,” He adds

Pascal Harindintwali, who uses a cooking stove, reveals that this cooking stove reduces firewood. He explains that a piece of wood cooks food until its ready.

Sustaining Rwanda Youth Organization operates in Dahwe cell, Ndora sector in Gisagara district.


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