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Nyamagabe: commences Tree planting campaign kicks-off


Residents of Kamegeri sector in Nyamagabe district have embarked on a three months tree planting campaign in a bid to conserve the environment.

The campaign under the theme “Planting many trees to increase output from natural resources” was started on November 30th 2013 during the monthly community work.

Nyamagabe residents confess that trees have become the tool in changing their social and economic conditions.

Félicien Twiringiyimana, a resident of Kizi cell in Kamegeri sector reveals that they have understood that apart from economic benefits, trees are vital in the formation of rainfall and producing oxygen.

“We know the importance of trees. They give us rain that makes our crops grow well and we get fresh breath. Concerning money, we sell money and others charcoal and make a living,” He denotes.

After planting trees and fruit plants, Immaculée Umuhoza Mukarwego, vice mayor for economic affairs in Nyamagabe district told participants to protect and care for the trees until they grow.

The vice-mayor revealed that about to 30 percent of Nyamagabe land is made up of forests, saying residents should conserve forests to boost the economy.

Tree planting campaign started on November 30th 2013 and is planned to end on February 28th 2014.

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