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Nyabugogo: Youth cooperatives meet to solve flood problem


In a bid to protect the environment, four youth associations met in Nyabugogo for community work after River Mpazi flooded due to heavy rains and destroyed property in addition to claiming peoples lives.

They include, “Young Water Professional” (Rwanda YWP), “Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Media” (Rwanda WASH Media), “Young Volunteers for Environment” (YVE-Rwanda), “Rwanda Youth Alliance for Climate Action” (RYACA) and waterAids.

Community work was done during the water week that started from March 18th 2013 and ended on March 22nd 2013.

Nyabugogo: Youth cooperatives meet to solve flood problem

Nshuti Rugerinyange team leader water Aid Rwanda, commended youth especially journalists in a  Rwanda WASH Media project that played a big role in organising this activity that meant a lot to Nyabugogo residents.

Nyabugogo: Youth cooperatives meet to solve flood problem

Nyabugogo residents get problems when Mpazi River floods

Vincent de Paul Kabarisa, Assistant Director in charge of water at MINIRENA asked residents near Mpazi River that over floods Nyabugogo when it heavily rains to avoid dumping rubbish everywhere to prevent disasters.

Youth turned up for community work in Nyabugogo after heavy rains caused flooding and claimed people’s lives plus property on February 23rd 2013.

It is planned that during this water week, different activities such as talks in schools and universities will be carried out.

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