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Rwanda : Nyabihu stresses on Environmental protection




Rwanda Environmental Management Authority in Nyabihu District has called on the residents of the area to always protect the environment to avoid unnecessary degradation and pollution.

One of the Authority’s officials Jean de Dieu Nabimana insisted that without environment protection, life is at risk.

In 2012 ,people in the District dealt mainly with fighting soil erosion by planting trees, and working on terraces all of which helped protect the environment hence an encouragement from the officials to continue doing so.

The residents were again advised to learn more about the law on the environment which will help them protect it even better.

“Protecting Rivers, Lakes, Swamps, Mountains, Forests, and knowing well the laws about all these will help maintain them in this year 2013, and therefore be able to prevent the effects related to not protecting them”, added on Nabimana.

He added on saying that it was everyone’s responsibility to protect the environment; therefore everyone should look at it.




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