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Kamonyi: Thousands of trees planted to control erosion

 An eroded part of land in Nyagasozi Village

An eroded part of land in Nyagasozi Village

5600 trees have been planted mixed with plants in Nyagasozi village, Buguri cell, Rukoma sector in Kamonyi district as a way of conserving the environment.

Planting trees with crops is intended to control soil from being washed away by the water from Kanyinya forest.

Tree planting project started on February 19th 2013 by Sendika INGABO funded by Vi-Agro forestry program Rwanda.

Residents of Nyagasozi village near Kanyinya forest reveal that they had suffered from erosion that takes away soil and crops for a long time.

Gilbert Usanase, an agronomist in Sendika INGABO asserts that mixing crops with trees will prevent soil erosion especially to farmers in Nyagasozi swamp.

Jean Marie Vianney Rukundo, worker for Vi-Agro forestry, explains that they protect the environment by funding agricultural projects to grow crops that stand climate changes.

He adds that residents are urged to mix trees for firewood and other home purposes with crops such as coriander, paw paws etc.

Soil erosion ditches were dug on 100 hectares of land on Kanyinya forest where residents were employed for four months earning Rwf1500 daily.

2500 trees are expected to be planted on Nyagasozi village.


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