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Gicumbi: Day, Night patrols to conserve environment


 The Sector Administration of Gicumbi in Byumba District has employed day and night patrols to protect the environment, after   the sand miners and tone quarrying personnel and other parties who involved in polluting the environment refused to stop such activities.


According to Theoneste Ngezahumuremyi the executive of Byumba sector, the sector decided to fill the mining grounds and holes and employ day and night patrols in order to conserve the environment that was at risk of destruction.

This however did not please all the Byumba sector residents as some traders whose lives and welfare revolved around trading the sand and stones are worried about the fall of their business and their families.

No single resident is supposed to mine sand or quarry stones and whoever will be caught will be punished and become an example to all. These two actions affect the land that holds the mountains to erode slowly which create rifts and caves and also destroys the road.

Miners follow on the stones to quarry and eventually a part of the mountain erodes due to lack of support.  The effect this mining does to nature is irreversible and environment is destroyed admitted residents of Nyarutarama cell in Byumba sector.

The eroded part of the mountain

The eroded part of the mountain

Miners dig up the mountain looking for stones or sand for building and when the rain falls and takes the soil with it, the mountain becomes bare.

The resolution to cover up mining grounds will be followed by growing trees to eroded areas to strengthen the soil again.




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