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Rwanda | Rubavu: Residents near Burehe River live in fear

Abaturiye umugezi wa Burehe bafite impungenge ko

Burehe River floods whenever it heavily rains

Residents that live near Burehe River in Nyamyumba sector in Rubavu district are terrified that this river might flood again and destroy their houses and property.

This comes after this river flooded in September 2012 and destroyed the crops and water filled the houses. This led to the shifting of 22 households that lived near Burehe River.

Though local authorities have visited over this issue, residents are worried over facing the same problem since water pathways into this river have not been cleared.

Apart from the residents’ property and crops, September 2012 flooding destroyed property of Bralirwa Beverages factory and of the residents near the factory.

Over flooding was caused by the construction of Kiraga-Burushya road, which started in 2010 under Umurenge Vision Program (VUP) but it was completed without building water channels alongside it.

However, residents say that water channels were put in place later but directed into the residents’ fields which wash away the crops every time it rains.

The vice mayor for economic affairs in Rubavu district, Ezekiel Nsengiyumva Buntu explains that measures are being taken to rebuild the road and solve this problem.

Kiraga-Burushya road passes through the hilly areas and channeling water from the road means directing it down in the resident’s gardens. However, the district administration is devising means to fight soil erosion and direct water elsewhere.



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