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Rwanda : Rubavu District evacuates families near Sebeya River


After realizing the danger people living near and on the banks of River Sebeya, the evacuation program for the 153 families was set in motion to take these people out of high risk zones and so far the program is a success.

42 families from this area have already evacuated since River Sebeya was established as a High Risk Zone and taken to reside in Mahoko cell in Kanama sector and the vulnerable poor who could not build their own houses were supported where 31 houses were built for them.

Rubavu District evacuatesJean Claude Nzayisenga who is in charge of protecting Sebeya river which hails from the mountains of Rutsiro says that apart from supporting the vulnerable and poor, all families in this area will be evacuated for their own safety.

To minimize the insecurity and limitations caused by this river, residents in Kanama, Nyundo and Rugerero sector agreed to plant trees alongside the river, to cover up old mining grounds nearby the river, fight soil erosion from the mountains especially since the eroded land fill the river causing it to over flood and affects people’s homes.

River Sebeya is the 2nd cause of insecurities in Rubavu district in natural disasters after Rubavu Mountain where about 1200 people were evacuated.  Nyamyumba sector is also being affected by natural disasters especially from Kiraga-Burushya road which is not constructed and it erodes soil into the Burehe stream which over floods and affects its neighbours. Only 22 of its residents have evacuated.




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