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Rwanda : Gakenke district to take measures against Deforestation


Gakenke district has passed a law prohibiting the cutting of trees in some sectors of the district due to people destroying forests, Evariste Kanyetariki the forestry officer in the district announced on Wednesday the 16th.Jan.2012.

Gakenke district to take measures against Deforestation

Kanyetariki explained that in Gashenyi, Karambo, Nemba, Gakenke and Kivuruga sectors, people destroyed forestry by cutting trees in large quantities under the pretence of creating a way for electricity to be distributed among the people without permission to do so.

This law was made to prevent the ongoing deforestation in these sectors but will only be effective in one month as Kanyetariki explained. Kanyetariki went on to explain that this deforestation is usually done due to carelessness of the executive secretaries that do not protect environment and people do whatever they want.

Usually, a person who has trees on area more than one hectare first seeks permission from authorities and trees are cut in parts where one part is cut and the other is cut when the cut trees have grown again.

For people who have trees on area less than a hectare can harvest their trees without seeking permission. Many trees on the roadside of Kigali- Musanze main road were cut to the extreme and many people are wondering what the district administration are planning.

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