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Rwanda | Ngororero: residents need compensation after road construction


Ever since 2 years back when the tarmac road of Muhanga-Ngororero-Mukamira was constructed, residents that neighbor this road have been having problems with Ngororero district over unpaid debts of constructing the road and others for the refund of their properties that were destroyed and are still destroyed by water from this road.

residents need compensation after road constructionResidents who own land where trenches of water from the road were created have been constantly asking for the refund of their land as water is still destroying the land when they haven’t been paid for the place where trenches were created.

When  a lot of water flows, it erodes land, destroys crops and even people with houses nearby are almost affected, worse still, some parts have no created trenches so water makes its own way destroying everything it comes across.

When contacted about this issue, Jacques Mugiraneza who is in charge of infrastructure in Ngororero district said the list of people to be compensated for was handed over to the Ministry of Infrastructure and the district is following it up.

The Ngororero district administration says that in a way of solving this problem forever of people’s properties that are destroyed by water, people living below the road should shift to villages. Their evacuation will be made easy even as that part is meant for farming not for residence but people whose land was given for creating trenches will be compensated.

Residents who have been waiting for their payments for about two years are preparing themselves to make a final decision and seek justice from the courts of law.

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