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Rwanda : Ngororero road destroyed after landslides


Properties, roads and people in Nyabihu district have been destroyed or lost their lives due to the effects of natural disasters that affects this district and other districts which is in North Western of Rwanda.

Ngororero road destroyed after landslidesAmong the many properties affected by natural disasters, there is the Mukamira- Ngororero Road which was recently constructed but is affected by landslides and eroding land coming from steep mountains the road passes through.

On the Tuesday the 6th.Nov.2012 during the heavy rain which fell by midday in Jomba sector, too much landslides filled this road and they almost caused accidents on the same area that is usually attacked by natural disasters during the rainy season.

Angela Mukaminani the vice mayor for finance and economic development in Nyabihu district says that they have been trying to do community work on this area for the past months but people’s strength weren’t enough and they sought help from transportation body to solve it permanently.

Tenders for constructing this road have already been given out and this road is to be reconstructed. Natural disasters destroyed many things in Jomba sector apart from this road and about 13 people, many houses were destroyed and many hectares of crops were taken by rain.



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