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Rwanda | Rusizi: DEMP shifts residents to protect Lake Kivu


DEMP shifts residents

In order to protect Lake Kivu, residents that lived within 50 metres from the lake in Rusizi district have been shifted to other places by The Decentralization and environmental management project (DEMP).

Though it’s not common for shifted residents to confess gratitude over the act, residents in Rusizi say they got necessary help so as to shift and resettle peacefully.

Residents confirm they owe the contentment to the government of Rwanda that built houses for them, forming them into fishing cooperatives and providing them fishing materials since fishing is the main activity of this area.

Servand Niyitegeka, coordinator of DEMP (a project that executed the plan of shifting residents) operating in Rusizi and Nyamasheke district explains that though shifting residents started with sensitizing them to change their mindset, they responded positively which made the whole process easy.

The Decentralization and environmental management project (DEMP) was implemented by the Government of Rwanda, through REMA to strengthen the capacity for sustainable environmental and natural resources management, at community, district and national level, by building on the opportunities offered by decentralization.

Since fishing is not done by all, those who got fishing materials rent them to the fishers earning money for the cooperative. The cooperative decides on how to use the money for the benefit of its members like buying livestock.

DEMP follows up on the cooperative so that money is not mismanaged.






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