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Rwanda : Cluttered Construction waste devastates village roads


Cluttered Construction waste devastates village roads

Given the high rate of housing construction in Rwanda, a habit of depositing construction wastes into village roads under the pretense of filling pot holes has developed.

A number of Village roads of Rwanda will be found piled with such cement, sand and brick pieces which has raised public outcry by the road users.

Muhanga district’s feeder road of Nyamabuye to Musizi is one of the victim roads piled with all sorts of construction left overs.

According to local authorities, the wastes are mostly deposited at night by unknown people without any permission from the local leaders.

Residents complain of the habit’s effects both of narrowing the road and of coursing unnecessary accidents whenever there is low visibility.

“This habit of depositing waste along the road lets most of us perform a several imiganda (general cleaning) of the dirtied places which we would not be doing” said a Nyamabuye Sector resident

Despite the government’s effort of teaching people the benefits of protecting the environment, some citizens still portray a deaf ear about the environmental protection.

Local authorities have promised village residents to conduct control and prevent such wrong doers from destroying the environment and path ways.

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